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March 19th, 2014 - The View From ATC

Presented by Western Aircraft, the attendees at this week's event enjoyed presentations by Andy Marosvari from the Boise ATCT and Bob Lamond, Director of Air Traffic Services and Infrastructure, NBAA

The notes from Mr. Lamond's presentation are available here:

Third Annual Scholarship Benefit successfully held at AvCenter in Nampa, again.
November 14, 2012, over 25 members joined for the evening to support and raise money to sponsor kids to attend Aviation Career Exploration (ACE) Academy. This year's details was aviation themed touches in the food and drinks.The cater had a fun food displayed within a prop, wingtips, and aircraft tires. Then the bar had aviation terms for the drinks. Event made possible because of our sponsors FlightSafety International, AvCenter, and Aero Lau.Over 25 members attended. Money raised for the scholarship fund was $700! Live folk-pop performance by Joanna Richard. Delicious aviation themed catering was provided by Lucky Fins in Meridan. They had actual airplane wingtips, tires, and a propeller to accent the food display.

The IBAA's first Safety Session packed without a seat left unseated on October 3, 2012. Speakers Doug Carr NBAA's Vice President, Safety, Security, Operations & Regulation & Shannon Forrest FlightSafety International's Crew Resource Management Program Manager talked about Safety & CRM. There were over 25 IBAA members who participated in this session. The session was educational and entertaining. IBAA members provided positive feedback afterwards.

What an exciting and beneficial opportunity for Idaho Business Aviation!  August 20, 2012 Ed Bolen, President & CEO, National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), Lisa Piccione, Senior VP Government Affairs, NBAA, and Kristi Ivey, NW Regional Representative, NBAA, flew into Idaho collected with 13 Idaho business CEOs and keynote aviation representatives throughout Idaho to meet with Senator Crapo. This fifteen minute session with the Senator was very impressive. He listened to our concerns and suggestions and gave us insight and feedback. Senator advised all of us to continue being involved and engaged. We are confident that this meeting is one of many to come!

On of our favorite member events is the After Work Netwworking Social held on May 3, 2012 at Jackson Jet Center. Thank you to our sponsors Signature Flight Support and Rockwell Collins. Debbie Martin from Signature and Terry Moser from Rockwell put on a nice event. Approximately 36 members attended.

New to our local turf, Colt International, sponsored our luncheon on March 14, 2012. Colt International gave a nice presentation "Best Practices on Domestic Fuel Pricing". The topic gave valuable awareness on options for fuel purchasing. Approximately 30 members attended. Event hosted at Oxford Suites in Boise. Thank you Colt for supporting IBAA!

Second Annual Scholarship Benefit was held at AvCenter in Nampa on January 11, 2012. Very successful event! Thank you everyone for supporting this event. P
roceeds from this benefit goes towards sponsoring kids to attend the Aviation Career Exploration (ACE) Academy every year. Event made possible because of our sponsors FlightSafety International and AvCenter. Approximately 43 members attended. Money raised for the scholarship fund was $1,200! Live jazz set the atmosphere complements by Kobie Watkins with his Trio Group from ArtsWest school in Eagle. Kobie is an International Jazz Performer. Wine tastings provided by Indian Creek Winery in Kuna. Beer samples provided by Payette Brewing of Boise. Last but not least, the delicious and beautiful catering was provided by Incredible Edibles in Boise.

During the Second Annual Scholarship Benefit on November 14, 2011, certificates were awarded to the original Steering Committee from 2003, John Blakely, Mike Pape, and Wayne Werner. Additionally, a plaque was presented to Skip Davies showing appreciation as previous IBAA President, 2008-2011. Presentation was given by current president Gigi Ferreira.

Thank you to Gulfstream for their recent visit to Boise for our Fall 2011 luncheon on November 3, 2011 held at the Boise Hotel and Conference Center. There were 
40 members in attendance along with 8 representatives from Gulfstream. Gulfstream put on a top-notch presentation about the current line of corporate jets and the future of the industry. They arrived the day before in a G150. Steering committee members were given a tour on the ramp at Jackson Jet Center. 
The Boise Hotel and Conference Center worked great for the event.


The Idaho Business Aviation Association (IBAA) celebrated its second full year of operation with a visit from one of aviation’s most prominent leaders.

Ed Bolen, president of the National Business Aviation Association, was the keynote speaker for the 2005 IBAA fall networking meeting held September 16, 2005.  Mr. Bolen leads the 9,000 member NBAA, which serves the national business aviation community.  Mr. Bolen gave a detailed update on the state of the industry as well as a synopsis of how his first year onthe job has progressed.

Mr. Bolen presented some of the challenges facing our industry, with FAA funding alternatives as the biggest hurdle.  “As the big airlines face difficult times, they are more and more likely to attempt to pass on more of the FAA’s cost to business aviation”.  Bolen said.  He reminded the audience that business aviation has always been paying its fair share through fuel taxes.  “FAA funding via fuel taxes is simple, inexpensive to collect and a fair approximation of the use of the system” reiterated Bolen.  “A user fee system similar to what Europe and Canada utilize would generate confusing, expensive and time consuming costs to business aviation operators.”  

Bolen, who resides in Washington D.C., emphasized that each one of us, whether we reside inside the beltway or in rural Idaho, needs to remain politically active.  He pointed out that today it’s not the CEOs of large companies that have the ear of Congress, but rather groups such as AARP and NRA with their thousands of active members.      

Other priorities for the NBAA since Bolen arrived as chief have been to generate a more positive and visible business aviation industry as well as a safer one.  Recent high profile accidents have required NBAA to reinforce its commitment to remaining the nation’s safest mode of transportation. 

As a guest of the IBAA, Bolen was treated to a backcountry scenic flight through the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, as well as breakfast at the Big Creek Lodge.  A lot of uncontrolled airspace and a few grass runways was a nice change for the Washington D.C. resident.  According to Western Aircraft Pilot Al Hoyt, Ed flew the PC-12 quite well from the co-pilot seat.  “A very nice day, maybe one of my best days ever!” reported Bolen after the trip.

Former GAMA president and ICAO Ambassador Ed 
Stimpson shows off the Idaho backcountry to Ed Bolen

The fall IBAA luncheon meeting was held 
September 16 at the Western Aircraft hangar in Boise.  Western/ Pilatus sponsored the luncheon and provided an impressive display of a Pilatus PC-12.

In 2003 Celebrity Pilot Mike Smith of Boise spoke of his around the world flight in the PC-12.  How Mike saved his passengers after ditching in the Sea of Japan was absolutely fascinating.

With the recent interest in Electronic Flight Bag technology, the IBAA welcomed industry leader Flight Deck Resources to Boise in 2004.  Rick Baird, Sun Valley airport manager gave a valuable update on that airport’s future as well.  IBAA members received an in-depth description of the aircraft’s EVS system as well as a demo ride.

In August, 2004 the IBAA held a social event at the
Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa.  Over 75 people attended this dinner.  The honorees at this event were some of Idaho’s business aviation pioneers.  Most of them had begun operating or maintaining business aircraft as far back as 1950.  It was an honor to visit with these distinguished gentlemen and their spouses.

CAE Simuflite presented “The future of Flight Training” in Feb. 2005.

Columbia Aircraft displayed the fastest production single engine aircraft in May, 2005.  IBAA members also were briefed by Boise airport manager John Anderson and former ICAO Ambassador Ed Stimpson.

In September, 2005, the IBAA welcomed NBAA president Ed Bolen.  After a four-ship fly in to the Big Creek lodge, Bolen briefed IBAA members on national issues.  The group also received an in depth description of the PC-12 and its impressive capabilities.

The winter 2005 meeting of the Idaho Business Aviation Association was filled to capacity to hear the comments of former FAA Administrator Dave Hinson.  Hinson, often described as our country’s finest FAA Administrators, spoke of the impressive safety record the industry has achieved.  “We have seen an 80% decrease in accidents in the past five years, and are now enjoying the safest period in U.S. aviation history” reported Hinson.

Hinson reminded the audience that if the airline accident rate in 1960 were applied to today, the airline industry would be experiencing 232 accidents annually, with at least one fatality occurring every ten days.  
When asked how such a record was achieved, Hinson praised the flight simulator as one of the most important factors.  “Airlines can now train pilots with the simulator 100% of the time and often a pilot’s first flight in the actual aircraft is with passengers”  

Although he spoke affectionately of our nation’s air traffic control system, Hinson believes that every major city in America should have a second major airport to relieve congestion. “Boston airport”, Hinson noted, “now handles more traffic than the entire country of Germany”.     

IBAA members were treated to lunch at Murphy’s by meeting sponsor, Iviation.  Iviation provides aircraft consulting, training and auditing for business aviation organizations.   

GAMA President Pete Bunce visited IBAAmembers in August 2006 to inform the group on industry trends and future expectations.  A formerF-16 and A-10 pilot, Bunce enjoyed the left seat in an IBAA Cessna 182 while traveling to some of Idaho's local aircraft manufacturers. 

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